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Honoring our commitment to veterans, seniors, and resilient communities

King County’s Veteran, Seniors, and and Human Serves Levy (VSHSL) has awarded SeeQuilLouw with funds to conduct a series of two-year community assessment surveys to complement VSHSL continuous community partnership efforts. These surveys will commission persons, tribes, and community-based organizations to research and then provide back to King County an assessment of strengths, weaknesses, and needs of geographic, cultural, or experiential communities in King County. The funds allocations in this strategy will allow for three veterans assessments, three seniors assessments and three vulnerable populations assessments. Examples of communities on which commissioned assessments may be produced include 2S/LGBT+ seniors, formerly incarcerated veterans, Southwest Asian immigrant seniors living in central King County, or persons with disabilities who are survivors of domestic violence.

We are one of nine community-based organizations to receive this three-year (2021 – 2023) contract

Throughout the years, we will be reaching out to Native Veterans throughout King County, we want to hear from you, no matter your veteran status, nation/tribal affiliation, or their identity(s)

As Native/First Nation Peoples, First Narratives (Oral Tradition) is our way of life. This is the foundation of our relationships and how we development and grow as well as create recovery pathways. First Narratives promote whole health…physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Stories are a great way to share your experiences and explain how something happened or how someone impacted you

We ask all to share their story in your own way and in your own words

To learn more or to schedule a date/time that works best for you, please Contact Us

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