Healing and Talking Circles

The Medicine Wheel is a sacred symbol to many different cultures throughout Indian Country

Though many share similar practices and protocols, each Culture has their own ways when it comes to these teachings and we do not claim to know or fully understand all of them

Please note that these Circles are peer-to-peer support, we do not have formal counselors or mental health professionals in attendance

Some examples of the colors and their significance include:


Air, Stars, Midnight, Death, Winter, Intellect, Animal, Sweetgrass, White


Water, Moon, Mid-Day, Birth, Summer, Spiritual, Plant, Cedar, Red


Fire, Sun, Dawn, Growth, Spring, Emotional, Heart, Mineral, Tobacco, Yellow


Earth, Dusk, Maturity, Autumn, Physical, Human, Sage, Black

Native Veteran Womxn’s Talking Circle

This Circle is open to Native Veteran Womxn, active duty, Guard/Reserves

This Circle gathers from 5:00PM – 7:00PM (PT) on the 3rd Tuesday of each month – The Circle will focus on the unique needs and journey of Native Womxn who have and are serving in the US military

In order to insure safe space for all participants, we ask that you register

all personal information kept in confidence and IS NOT shared with any persons, groups, organizations, or government officials

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