King County Gender Based Violence, Sexual Assault, Domestic Violence and Commercial Sexual Exploitation Prevention Pilot

13 community based organizations and partnerships were funded to create a network of domestic and sexual violence programs such as SeeQuilLouw™. This has developed and implemented in-depth, multi-level, coordinated prevention and community engagement strategies tailored to geographically and culturally diverse communities across King County. This network of funded providers will strengthen culturally specific programs working to change the conditions that lead to domestic and sexual violence.

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Incorporating ancestral proven practices of using culturally focused teaching along with strength and evidence-based methods to bring forth “their truth”

Blu (Medicine)

Use of Healing and Talking Circles where participants can hear and share their experiences in a safe environment, to gain depths of healing of the individual experiences, and gain a greater knowing of the Native communities.  One-on-one conversations and sharing too weave a greater understanding of the impact caused by gender-based violence, and finding a pathway to healing and prevention of within our communities.

Hud (Fire/Spirit)

First Narratives (Oral Tradition) as being the foundation to relationship development and growth as well as recovery from Inner-generational Trauma. First Narratives promote whole health…physiologically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. “Remember when” stories are when you can recall an explicit memory from a time, moment, or experience. “Creation stories” explains how something, someone or a natural order came to be.

SluUChud (Food)

Acknowledges foods, and other methods of healing. Traditional Medicines such as First Narratives, Canoe society, First foods and Plant medicines, Art therapy, Traditional Ceremony, and more Indigenous healing modalities.

QilBud (Canoe)

Peer led and facilitated like what active-duty military define as a “sponsor” to provide guided assistance to accumulate to the new arrival’s surroundings. This would incorporate traditional Indigenous teachings and healing practices to allow all sides to open dialog and understanding to enable full transformative justice work for those reintegrating into their Indigenous community. Thus, creating hard reduction in gender-based violence and providing a pathway for acceptance and healing.

SwaxAx (Heart)

Our cells are the songs of our DNA, the act of storytelling and listening to our First Narratives can activate the epigenetic memories and employ their original teachings, lessons, and origin of designated purpose.

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